Artificial Machines has an end-to-end pipeline for film production and 3D animation. From professional 4K film shoots to Editing and Compositing to full post production, you can complete your short films here. We have a Green Screen Studio, Motion Capture Studio and over a 100 server render farm for high quality short film production.

3D Modeling, Texturing and Animation

We work with a host of CAD applications to accurately get your products or properties into 3D animation tools. Our 3D Artists work with 3DS Max and Maya for modeling and animation. Substance Painter and Mari are used for 3D painting and texturing to make your products photo-realistic. Most rendering is done in Vray.

Render Farm

(Image of render servers)

We have over 100 servers in our in-house render farm. This means that we can produce 1 minute of finished 3D animation per day, allowing us to create high quality 3D films for a range of products and properties. All servers render Vray, Mental Ray, Real Flow for liquids and have other effects tools for high quality animations.

Film Production Pipeline

(4K cameras and Cine lenses)

We have in-house 4K Cine Cameras and Cine Ziess Lenses. This professional film crews, audio and lighting equipment, we can execute Corporate Films, Product Shoots, as well as short films and commercials.

Green Screen Studio

Our in-house Green Screen Studio allows us to immerse real people in virtual worlds creating stories, which are impossible to shoot live.

With powerful Compositing tools like Nuke Studio, and Grading tools like DaVinci Resolve, we can create the most professionally finished films possible.

Motion Capture Studio

Our full body motion capture studio allows us to convert human movement into character animation. This means that your stories can have super humans do super things in your films. Combined with the 3D animation pipeline, there isn’t a story we can’t tell.