Product Design

Augmented and Virtual Reality are the latest technologies to market your products and services. Create 3D VR sales tools to explain your products in great detail, how they work and how the customer can use it. Convert your entire product catalogue into a 3D catalogue so customers can actually see and feel your products.

We work with a large range of tools and technologies to take your products into the virtual 3D world. Tools like Unreal Engine are considered the best quality game engines in the world. Unity has the amazing Vuforia Augmented Reality Engine to create spectacular user experiences.


Unreal Engine, Unity screen captures

Development in Unreal Engine and Unity allows you to put your Sales collateral on Touch screens, iPads, Phones, as well as the Oculus Rift Headset.


Photo of touch screen, iPad, and Oculus Rift

Our integrated 3D modeling and animation pipeline using 3D Studio and Maya allow us to create stunning content, as well as program the experiences in the game engines.


Shot of Maya and 3DS Max

For Real Estate:

3D VR experiences of your property are the most interactive ways for your customer to see your property. Be it large touch screen displays in your office, or an immersive experience on the Oculus Rift, nothing compares to an interactive presentation about your offering.

These are some things you can add to your 3D VR experience:

Show the entire property with full color in 3D.


Move around the property in real time.


Ability to navigate to main areas of the property.


Show available apartments. Shortlist apartments as per requirement.


Show Size, Cost and Tax Calculations to customers in real time.


Adjust budget by using EMI calculators.


Compare two apartments with details.


Show the location map of the property.


Explain proximity to important locations.


Add photos, brochures and videos of your property.


For B2B Products:

VR Sales Catalogues offer an excellent way to carry your entire product catalogue in 3D to your customers. You can interactively change configurations and settings to match your customer’s need. Convert a Sales Meet into a closed sale, with rich 3D VR experiences of your products.

These are some things you can add to your 3D Sales Catalog:

Create virtual 3D environments to mimic your product installations.


Move around in 3D to show the products from all angles.


Create an interactive menu of choices for the customers.


Create pre-made recommended configuration options for quick product selection.


Change Materials of products to show different options.


Hide and unhide combinations to show choices.


Take a snapshot of final selected combination to share with your customer.