Product Design

Internet of Things is affecting all of us. Almost all electronics can benefit by being connected to the Internet. This allows for the machine to exchange information about its performance, troubleshooting, errors, etc. with the server and service center. It also provides a host of features for the customer using their mobile phone. Since the UI on the mobile is multi-page, you can add a lot of features to the product, which are not possible to do on the machine itself.

Make your electronics smarter by making them IOT enabled system. Our HAZE platform is an end-to-end IOT platform. With Hardware Designs, Embedded Software, iOS and Android apps, as well as Server side Analytics, HAZE is one of the most comprehensive IOT platforms to get your products to market fast.

Hardware Design

Photo of Hardware Design

We have designed several Electronic Circuits and PCB’s to control a wide variety of consumer electronics. These include SMART Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Water Purifiers, and Android Televisions and Tablets.

Our teams work closely with leading technology companies like Qualcomm, Atmel / Microchip, TI and ST, to use a range of their processors and components for different applications. From very low cost single layer battery powered devices, to high end 10 layer Android PCBs, our skillsets allow us to work on almost any type of electronic product.

Embedded Programming

Photo of Embedded Programming

We provide embedded development services for a large range of ARM processors. Depending on the product and requirements, we can work on ARM M0 – M4 for microcontroller programming, as well as ARM A5 processors for Linux programming, all the way to Qualcomm Snapdragon processors for Android OS applications.

Applications like Motor control, UI, LED, LCD displays, IOT integration, Touch interfaces, Wifi, GSM, Bluetooth etc. are available. The HAZE Platform embedded middleware has a large range of tools already available to get your product up and running with SMART IOT capabilities.

Mobility – iOS and Android

Our large experience in building almost 200 consumer facing apps over the past 8 years is invaluable to our IOT offering. We have developed several apps for Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Water Purifiers, Televisions, Android Tablets, Home Security Systems, Video Conferencing Systems, and Automotive A/V control.

Our customizable HAZE Platform iOS and Android Apps allow you to provide comprehensive options to your customers on iOS and Android Phones, Tablets and wearable devices. Since we also develop Android firmware, we have an experienced team to deep dive into the Android AOSP for any application imaginable.


HAZE Analytics offers a comprehensive solution to IOT Big Data Analytics. From seeing the physical location of your machines to capturing every aspect of the performance of the machine, HAZE Analytics reports give you insight never before possible.

Get many out-of-the-box reports to measure temperature, geo position, power consumption, usage habits, mobile platforms used, etc. You can also design your own reports from the data captured from the HAZE IOT Devices.

Understanding your customer problems has never been easier. With automated diagnostics and reporting by HAZE machines, you can save big on service and maintenance costs.